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Hi! I 'm Jagath.

I started weight training when I was 19 years old at the gym and as a child, I was very active in a lot of sports. I am a very competitive person and when I put my mind to do something, I will do it. I have been training for over 20 years as a player as well as a trainer. I won a bodybuilding competition in Sri Lanka under the 70 kg weight category , participated men's physiques competition in Kuwait classic 2022 and won IFBB NPC event 2Bros Pro show in UK 2022.

JG Fitness

Jagath Gunasekara

IFBB Certified coach & athlete


- IFBB NPC ATHLETE ( Men physique )

- 1st Dan BLACK BELT- japan Okinawa Shorin Ryu

- 1st Dan BLACK BELT- Philippines modern arnis ( Dago Style)

My next goal is to win the Pro Card in UK this year. I want to help you to get the confidence and physique you want! Stop wishing you looked like someone and become the person that people inspire you to look like.

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